We’re Looking for New Grad Students!

The Burgin Lab at the University of Kansas is seeking applicants for M.S. and Ph.D. students focused on exploring the intersection between aquatic biogeochemistry and microbial ecology. More details on current lab projects can be found at the lab website: https://burginlab.wordpress.com/  Successful applicants will describe previous research experience in aquatic or ecosystem ecology, field work or lab chemistry analyses. Applicants should also demonstrate previous writing and data analysis experience. Experience with managing undergraduate researchers, large datasets (e.g., generated by sensors) or working as part of a collaborative team are a plus.

Students will apply through KU’s Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (https://eeb.ku.edu/prospective-students). Students will be funded on a combination of grants and teaching support; EEB provides 10 semesters (Ph.D.) or 4 semesters (M.S.) of support on admission to the department (https://eeb.ku.edu/financial-support). Tuition and travel support are also available to admitted EEB students. Answers to frequently asked questions about support, requirements and life in Lawrence can be found here: https://eeb.ku.edu/faq.  Lawrence consistently ranks as a top college town due to the combination of great arts and entertainment options, eclectic small-town shopping and excellent dining.

Prior to applying, please contact Amy Burgin (burginam@ku.edu) with your C.V. and a brief note on your interests in getting a graduate degree (more details here: https://burginlab.wordpress.com/prospective-students/).  Details on how to apply to the department are here: https://eeb.ku.edu/how-apply. The completed application includes: the university form, C.V., Graduate Interest Statement, 3 Letters of Recommendation, GRE scores and proof of English proficiency (for non-native speakers). The deadline for applications is 1 December 2016.


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